Hygiene and prevention

Ultrasonic scaling (tartar removal with ultrasound)

PLN 180

varnishing of all teeth

PLN 120

comprehensive oral hygienist service (scaling + sanding + polishing + varnishing)

PLN 250

implant/prosthetic oral hygienist treatment

PLN 280


implantology consultation

PLN 170


PLN 2,250

implant-supported restoration (porcelain crown + individual abutment)

PLN 2,500

bone augmentation (reconstruction)

from PLN 1,190

Endodontic therapy (root canal)

endodontic consultation

PLN 150

root canal treatment canines, incisor

PLN 550

root canal treatment premolar

PLN 700

root canal treatment molar

PLN 950 - 1000 (depending on the number of root canals)

Endodontic Retreatment

individual quotation by the doctor

Microscopic root canal therapy

individual quotation by the doctor

Conservative dentistry

implantology consultation

PLN 100


PLN 210

state-of-the-art dental fillings

PLN 190-300

filling in a deciduous tooth

PLN 210

glass fiber-reinforced dental restoration

PLN 430-500

aesthetic composite veneer

PLN 550

aesthetic filling

PLN 260-300


prosthodontists consultation

PLN 150

porcelain fused to metal crown (PFM crown)

PLN 1,150

full ceramic crown

PLN 1,600

zirconia dental crown

PLN 1,700

dental porcelain veneer

PLN 1,900


PLN 950

partial acrylic denture

PLN 1,050 / 1 arch

full acrylic denture

PLN 1,400 / 1 arch

skeletal dental prosthesis

PLN 2,050 / 1 arch


orthodontist consultation

PLN 100

fixed metal braces

PLN 1,800 -2,200 / 1 arch

fixed ceramic braces

PLN 2,200 – 3,200/ 1 arch

single-arch removable braces

PLN 650

Surgical treatment

Surgical consultation

PLN 150

tooth extraction

PLN 250-330

Surgical tooth extraction, surgical chisel technique + suturing

PLN 430-680

root resection

PLN 800

nodule excision + histopathological test

PLN 300

periapical cyst enucleation

PLN 530

intraoral abcess incision

PLN 250


periodontist consultation

PLN 150

periodontal examination with examination of gum pockets

PLN 150

closed curettage with application of medication

PLN 150-250

open flap curettage

PLN 600-800

free gingival graft (FGG) + sutures

PLN 600

Clinical crown lengthening

PLN 350

surgical vestibular deepening procedure

PLN 300

Teeth whitening

overlay teeth whitening

PLN 660

teeth whitening: laser treatment

PLN 960

teeth whitening dead tooth

PLN 140 /1 treatment

Radiological diagnostics

pantomographic x-ray (rtg)

PLN 90

cephalometric x-ray (rtg)

PLN 90

point x-ray (rtg)

PLN 30

Comprehensive 3D CT scan

PLN 350

3D CT scan jaw or mandible

PLN 170

3D partial CT scan up to 3 teeth

PLN 90

At the Grunwaldzka Dental Care Centre we also provide services under contract with the National Health Fund NFZ.

Under the National Health Fund NFZ we offer treatment in the following areas: conservative dentistry, paediatric dentistry, dental surgery and orthodontics.


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